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Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strips 50ct.

Accu-Chek Aviva Plus Test Strips 50ct.

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From the manufacturer's website: 

The Bayer Contour test strips are easy to use. The strips are made from plastic and coated with 1 layer of enzymes. These enzymes can either be glucose oxidase or glucose dehydrogenase. Once a drop of blood is placed on the end of the glucose test strip,  insert the strip into the glucose monitoring system. The monitoring system will then send these electric currents, if you will, through the strip which will then enable it to read the exact sugar level in the blood tested.

Product Features: 

  • No Coding technology self-codes when the strip is inserted, eliminating inaccurate readings due to user miscoding.
  • Fast 5-second countdown
  • Unaffected by maltose, galactose, and oxygen
  • Automatic correction for common interfering substances such as acetaminophen, ascorbic acid and hematocrit
  • Sip-in Sampling automatically draws blood into the test chamber
  • Small 0.6 micro liter blood samples

Warning: For in vitro diagnostic use. Before using this product, read the package insert carefully. Store between 48°F-86°F. Do not use after expiration date.

*This is Strictly an over the counter item. Insurance benefits cannot be applied to this product*