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Covidien® Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing 2 x 3.75in

Covidien® Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing 2 x 3.75in

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From the manufacturer's website:

TheCovidien Telfa Adhesive Island Dressing have a soft, non-woven backing that molds around the wound site and seals on all four sides. TELFA Island is a TELFA Dressing with an adhesive border minimizing the need to add tape or means to secure the dressing to the wound site. The adhesive border in the TELFA Island Dressing is a cloth tape.

  • Can be cut to fit any shape without separating the dressing layers.
  • Easy to use as a home Wound Dressing
  • Can be steam sterilized.
  • TELFA Island Dressings are tested to provide the perfect balance of non-adherence and exudate migration.
  • Highly absorbent to help minimize skin masceration.
  • Ideal moisture vapor transmission rate.
  • Helps control fluid loss and to provide a moist wound healing environment.
  • (1) Box, (50) units per box

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