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Easy Touch® Glucose Control Solution

Easy Touch® Glucose Control Solution

Easy Touch
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From the manufacturer's website: 

The Control Solution is a desired aqueous glucose solution with small amounts of non-reactive ingredients and food coloring for verifying the accuracy of the entire Blood Glucose Monitoring System. The Control Solution test examines the performance of the Glucose Meter, Test Strip, and your operating techniques.

Warning: For in vitro diagnostic use. Before using this product, read the package insert carefully. Store between 39°F-86°F. Do not refrigerate. 

Perform a test with Easy Touch glucose control solution to ensure accuracy any time:

  • Each Control Solution is provided as a buffered, stabilized, aqueous solution of desired D(+)- glucose containing a preservative and other non-reactive ingredients.
  • The solutions are formulated to react equivalently to a whole blood sample containing approximate 50, 110 or 300 mg/dL glucose concentrations.
  • Actual lot-specific ranges are printed on the Test Strip bottle label.

*This is Strictly an over the counter item. Insurance benefits cannot be applied to this product*