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Easy Touch® Glucose Test Strips 50 ct.

Easy Touch® Glucose Test Strips 50 ct.

Easy Touch
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From the manufacturer's website: 

The EasyTouch Glucose Test Strips are used with the EasyTouch Blood Glucose Meter for quantitatively measuring glucose (sugar) levels from the fingertip, palm and forearm. Small sample size is all you have to worry about and the Monitoring System decodes the rest, only 0.5 micro liter sample required, and a 6 second wait to determine your accurate blood sugar levels.

*This is Strictly an over the counter item. Insurance benefits cannot be applied to this product*

Warning: For in vitro diagnostic use. Before using this product, read the package insert carefully. Store between 48°F-86°F. Do not use after expiration date.

Product Features: 

  • Tiny Blood Sample Required – Only 0.5 µL
  • No Coding, Meter will automatically recalibrate when a new lot of test strips are used.
  • Quickly absorbs blood sample with Test Results in 6 seconds.
  • Easy to handle, easy to use.